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Cyberox WordPress Security

Cyberox have an array of professionals specialising in WordPress Security.

Protect your investment of time and money in your WordPress site with one of our ongoing WordPress Security Packages. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your site is better protected and expertly maintained by our experts!

Cyberox WordPress Security includes:

Dedicated Security Team
What makes us stand out from other businesses that offer WordPress Security service providers is we are cyber security experts, and not IT professionals. We specialise in cyber security and have certified experts on-hand to assist and ensure your security at all times.
Continuous Monitoring
Our team of security experts will continuously monitor your website in our Security Operations Center (SOC) so you can rest assured that we are always watching over your security and protecting your data.
Security Audit
We will conduct a security audit of your WordPress environment to ensure that your WordPress defences are in good shape to protect you against the threat of attackers. We will provide you with a checklist with all of the changes we have made.
£200p.a. Premium Plugin Included
We have decided to include a £200 p.a. premium security plugin free of charge! This is to ensure that you always have the best protection tools within your website's arsenal to protect you from the latest threats.
Security Plugin Config
We install security plugins we personally use and trust to enable us to monitor your website. Then we configure them for maximum security to help keep your website safe from the threat of attackers.
Weekly Maintenance
Every week we take care of your site's updates, which includes your WordPress files, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes. If either of these are out of date, it could lead to potential vulnerabilities within your WordPress environment so we take care of this for you.
Vulnerability Patching
We perform weekly security checks and fixes to keep your site secure. Plus, we address any known vulnerabilities. For example, if a plugin or theme you are using is found to be a security risk we will update or delete it right away.
System Tweaks
We fix any conflicts due to plugin or theme incompatibilities (also known as the White Screen of Death). Example, if you install a plugin and it breaks your site we will fix it for you as soon as possible.
Remote Malware Scanning
This scanner monitors for signs of website malware and indicators of compromise (IOC) with our website scanning tools. We check all files on the server for signs of malware to find backdoors, phishing pages, spam, DDoS scripts, and more.
DDoS Attack Mitigation
DDoS protection and mitigation service detects and blocks all application and network attacks. Attack data is correlated to anticipate malicious behaviour and protect you from emerging threats. Keep your site online during large-scale attacks and significantly mitigate requests from fake sources. When we detect malicious bots and hackers attacking your site, they are automatically blocked.
Web Application Firewall
Website Firewall designed to give you the best security protection any website can hope for. It protects your website from a variety of website attacks, including denial of service (DoS / DDoS) attacks, exploitation of software vulnerabilities, zero day disclosure patches, brute force attacks against your access control mechanisms and more!
Security Activity Auditing
This will enable us to keep a good eye on the various changes occurring within your environment. Who is logging in? What changes are being made? This ensures that an attacker is not able to wipe your forensic data and prevent further security analysis after a compromise. Your security logs will be kept safe within the Security Operations Center (SOC).
File Integrity Monitoring
This is the act of comparing a known good with the current state. If the current state differs from the known good, you know you have a problem. We will create a known good and this will include all the directories at the root of the install, it will also include plugins, themes and core files.
Database Optimisation
We keep your database operating faster and more efficiently by removing post/page revisions, orphaned postmeta, commentmeta, and orphaned relationships, dashboard transient feeds, and optimise your database overhead weekly.
Uptime Monitoring
It is important that your site is always online so you don't miss out on sales. We will monitor your website and receive instant alerts if your site ever goes offline so it can be immediately remediated and downtime can be minimised as much as possible.
Lockout Releases
As well as other measures that we employ to harden your security, we will setup lockout policies within your WordPress environment to prevent brute force attacks. If you get locked out or blacklisted from your site, we are available to reset your login for you upon request so you can get back to work as soon as possible.
Spam Management
We will check your site weekly and delete any obvious spam for you so you can use your website freely without it being cluttered with unneccessary data. We will also seek to apply spam prevention tools to prevent bots and users using known bad IP addresses from creating spam within the site whether it be comments, user accounts or reviews.
Hacker Safeguard
If your site gets hacked we fix it for free. Our security professionals will remove all malware/viruses and close any known security holes. Plus, we scan your site daily for malware, blacklisting, DNS changes, WHOIS changes, and SSL Certification changes.

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