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Cyberox is one of the very few organisations to employ cryptocurrency specialists able to investigate and assist.

Whether you require assistance with acquiring cryptocurrency, investigating, or identifying and seizing funds from a device, Cyberox are one of a very small number of organisations that have cryptocurrency experts on-hand to assist.

Cryptocurrency Services

Cryptocurrency Acquisition
Converting your balance sheet to cryptocurrency or require it for a ransomware payment? Cyberox have experts available to assist with the purchasing of cryptocurrency in a secure manner while also ensuring that once purchased, the cryptocurrency acquired is stored safely.
Cryptocurrency Asset Recovery
Our cryptocurrency forensics team have the skills and tools available to identify, extract and recover cryptocurrency assets through a multitude of industry-leading computer forensic techniques. We will always aim to ensure that we recover your assets in the safest and most efficient way possible.
Cryptocurrency Asset Tracing
Our experts are able to trace cryptocurrency through the blockchain in order to ascertain where funds have travelled to, or have previously been. We can also tag an address, which will enable us to receive a notification when previously dormant funds have left a specific address.
Cryptocurrency Asset Valuation
Require a cryptocurrency asset valuation across one or more cryptocurrency addresses? Cyberox have the personnel to calculate asset valuations across multiple cryptocurrencies retrospectively and in the present. This data is translated into human-readable data for our clients to interpret with ease.

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