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Penetration Testing

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Penetration Testing

Cyberox specialises in Penetration Testing with extensive testing with leading experts covering several areas.

Our range of penetration testing services help organisations to effectively manage cyber security risk by identifying, safely exploiting, and helping to remediate vulnerabilities that could otherwise lead to data and assets being compromised by malicious attackers.

Penetration Testing Services

Web and App Penetration Testing
Web Application Penetration Testing is conducted by simulating unauthorised attacks internally or externally to get access to sensitive data enabling our clients to know where the holes in their infrastructure lie and to prepare their web environments from future attacks.
Internal and External Networks
An internet or external network/infrastructure penetration test aims to assess our clients network for vulnerabilities and security issues in servers, hosts, devices and network services so our client's can rest assured that they aren't leaving any gaps open to be exploited by criminals.
Wireless Security Assessment
Our Wireless Security Assessments utilise passive detection software in order to identify any access points on our clients' wireless networks or associated connected devices, which could provide unauthorised access or allow Over the Air (OTA) data to be intercepted by attackers.
Security Assessment of AWS Cloud
Our AWS assessments meticulously unveil vulnerabilities, empowering organisations to proactively fortify their defences against potential hackers and adversaries. This strategic approach ensures robust protection for your cloud instances.

Types of Penetration Testing

Black box Penetration Testing
In a Black Box test, we have no knowledge of any of your internal information structures and are not given access to your applications or network. This test is the most similar to a real-world malicious attack, and usually requires significant time (as we need to attempt many attack methods to ensure none of them work), and deeper vulnerabilities may not be found or exploited during the time-frame of the test. However, simply because deeper vulnerabilities cannot be found doesn’t mean they don’t exist, which can result in a false sense of security that could be exploited at a later date by a hacker without time-constraints waiting for the right opportunity.
Grey box Penetration Testing
In a Grey Box test, our team replicates the activities that a hacker would undertake after they have penetrated your security perimeter and has internal access to your network. You provide us with some background information such as network infrastructure maps, application flow charts and low-level credentials, which allows for much more streamlined and efficient testing, saving time and money. This approach also allows us to focus on identifying and exploiting potential vulnerabilities in your higher-risk systems rather than attempting to discover where these systems are.
White box Penetration Testing
In White Box testing, we have complete access to your selected networks, systems and applications, which allows us high-level privileges and the ability to view source code. We perform both dynamic and static analyses to identify weakness across several areas such as security misconfigurations, logic vulnerabilities, poorly written software code and more. This type of penetration test is comprehensive as both internal and external vulnerabilities are identified, assessed and prioritised from a ‘behind closed doors’ perspective that is not available to most hackers.

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