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Cyberox Forensics and Incident Response

Cyberox have Forensic Specialists and Incident Responders ready to investigate any incident.

Whether it’s traditional forensic analysis you require or a response to a cyber incident, we’ve got you covered. No business is immune to cyber attacks. Get the support your organisation needs to minimise the damage caused by cyber attacks and be able to respond swiftly and effectively if and when they do occur.

Forensic Services that Cyberox Offer:

Computer Forensic Analysis
Dealing with a bad leaver? Cyberox digital forensic analysts can tailor each investigation to your specific requirements. Our experienced case managers will guide you through each phase of the analysis process, ensuring that evidence is reported in a clear fashion.
Data Preservation
With the use of advanced digital forensic techniques, our experts can extract and preserve data from all types of digital devices whilst preserving the integrity of the data held on the device. The data acquired can then be used evidentially in court.
Ransomware Investigations
Cyberox seasoned incident responders use purpose-built response technologies enriched with years of cyber knowledge to help you respond to, investigate, and mitigate cyber incidents efficiently and effectively so your company can return to business as usual.
Business Email Compromise Investigations
Suffered from a phishing attack? Our experts are on hand to assist, identify, and eradicate the threat posed by attackers so our clients can be confident in what data has been accessed by the threat actors, the damage caused by the attack, and be assured knowing that the threat has been removed.

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